Oklahoma Department of Libraries has a broad selection of digital images from Oklahoma postcards to wildlife magazines, newsletters and almanacs. All are right here for you to view anytime on Digital Prairie. We have pulled a few images from our collections to create printable wrapping paper for you to use and enjoy, because nothing says this package came from the heart quite like custom Oklahoma archival wrapping paper. Oh, and maybe a big, fancy bow!

The images are printable on 8.5" X 11" standard paper size. It is perfect for small packages (like jewelry... ahem!). Print up multiple copies or mix-and-match designs to cover larger surfaces.

Click on the images to pull up a larger file. Then right-click to save it to your computer and then print.

Santa and animals on red background
Santa and animals on white background
Wild game recipes- white with red background
Wild game recipes - green on white background
Wild game recipes- black with green background
Oklahoma Postcards -scenes from across the state
Black and white photo postcards from Oklahoma