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EBSCO is a simple intuitive search that delivers millions of online resources, including articles, essays, primary source documents, health, business and legal information, current events, Consumer Reports, videos, magazines, and more — all with reliable content. It is the go-to resource for student research.

The FREE online EBSCO resources are made possible in part by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries with funding from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services, and are available through our engaging interface called Research + Discovery.

EBSCO's Explora is designed with students and educators in mind ‑‑ it is also useful for admin, school staff, parents, grandparents, even friends and neighbors. We encourage you to explore these Explora resources with your students or even on your own. For access, go to DigitalPrairieOK.net/Discover and look under Preschool – 12th.

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