Territorial Records Collection

New Digital Collection: Records produced prior to Oklahoma’s statehood.

Photograph of Tom Buffington (far left), Chief of the Cherokees and Mayor of Vinita, along with restaurant employees, standing in front of Whitney's Restaurant, in downtown Vinita, Oklahoma, circa 1910

Tom Buffington, Chief of the Cherokees and Mayor of Vinita, along with restaurant employees, circa 1910

Drumright oil workers

Drumright oil field workers on bridge near oil derricks, circa 1914

Damage to businesses after the April 27, 1942, tornado went through downtown Pryor

Damage to businesses after tornado went through downtown Pryor, circa April 1942

Hotel Black

The Empire Room in the Hotel Black, open from 1931 to 1976

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State Government Digital Collections

State Government Documents

Access thousands of state government publications and documents that were available only through official Oklahoma state agency websites beginning in November 2006 and digitized publications back to 1978.

Oklahoma Online Archives

Archives.Ok.Gov includes a selection of permanent records of state government activities, such as reports of agency activities, and other records. These materials provide a glimpse in to the work of state government.

State Government Forms

Oklahoma state agencies issue a variety of forms for use by Oklahoma citizens and businesses. State agencies are required to submit all forms in a searchable electronic version for inclusion in this collection.

Images of Oklahoma

A state digital collection project funded by IMLS (Institute of Museum and Library Services) presents access to unique materials relevant to the social, cultural, ethnic, and historical content.

Territorial Records

This collection includes reports, photographs, and publications created prior to Oklahoma’s statehood in 1907.

Tulsa Race Massacre Files

Documents in this collection describe one of the darkest episodes in American history. The Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 constituted two days of violence that left an unconfirmed number of dead citizens and destroyed 35 blocks of the prosperous Greenwood area.

Oklahoma Governors

Housed in the State Archives, this collection consists of biographies, finding aids, official photographs, and speeches of each Governor beginning with Charles N. Haskell (1907-1911) and continuing through the present administration.

Confederate Pension Records

Oklahoma’s Fifth Legislature approved the Confederate Soldiers’ Pension Bill. This Act provided for pensions for disabled and indigent Confederate soldiers, sailors, and widows. These are the files.

Confederate Pension Index Cards

The Index Cards are the finding aids to the Confederate Pension Records. The cards are organized by name, spouse, address, date of marriage, date of death, and the veteran’s military service.

Oklahoma Postcards

Historic Oklahoma postcards dating from early statehood to the mid-20th century are now available in digital format for you to enjoy. Oklahoma Postcards is a project of theOklahoma Collection housed at the ODL.

Oklahoma Collection

The Oklahoma Collection is an online resource of selected reference and primary source material, covering political, governmental, historical, geographical, cultural and biographical topics. It includes audio files and radio programs.

State Archives Finding Aids

This collection features select finding aids from the holdings of the Oklahoma State Archives. To view the finding aids for Oklahoma’s governors, visit the Oklahoma Governors collection. Please contact Archives staff to find out what other records are in the State Archives.

Ada Lois Sipuel Case Files

Leading activist, lawyer, administrator, and educator Ada Lois Sipuel came of age during Jim Crow era in Oklahoma. She challenged the legal fiction of “separate but equal” opening higher education to all students in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Authors

The Collection highlights the literary heritage of our state with a compilation of contemporary and historical author profiles. We strive to connect readers and researchers with author information.

Oklahoma Almanacs

Oklahoma’s official state government blue book has been titled the Oklahoma Almanac since 1993, but it has had a variety of names since its inception in 1909 as the Oklahoma State Manual.

State Auditor & Inspector Audits

The collection includes special audits prepared by the Office of State Auditor and Inspector; audits of state agencies; and special audits for cities, school districts, and local government.

Oklahoma Register Collection

The Oklahoma Register is an official publication of the State of Oklahoma. It is published semi-monthly. The rules of the State are codified and published in the Oklahoma Administrative Code by the Office of Administrative Rules (OAR).

Red River Compact Documents

In 1955, Congress authorized Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana to negotiate a compact to resolve and prevent disputes over waters of the Red River Basin and to assure that each state received adequate water from the basin. It was signed after 23 years.

Legal Information for Oklahoma

Legal Information for Oklahoma contains information on how the Oklahoma legal system is structured, how laws are created, places to go for Oklahoma legal information, links to free online resources.

State Government Archived Websites

Oklahoma Department of Libraries utilizes Archive-It's web archiving service from the Internet Archive to harvest, build, and preserve collections of Oklahoma's online presence. You will find an archived history of state government websites.

Research and Learning Tools

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Oklahoma Timelines
Oklahoma Timelines

Glimpse into State History

ODL and Oklahoma Archives present a visual look at Oklahoma's past with Timeline of Oklahoma History and Oklahoma Governors Timeline.

View events from our state's history from pre-statehood to the centennial. We have gathered images and resources for you to peruse and research further. You can scroll through all the governors of Oklahoma's past with links to primary resources online. Watch for additional timelines.

Visit the Timeline of Oklahoma History and Oklahoma Governors Timeline.

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